Dear Friends,

We write this as a statement of our support for our nation’s political leaders – including President Obama and other elected officials – as they seek to lead us all through a difficult and divisive time in our history. Whether we are Democrats, Republicans, Libertarians, or of another political persuasion, our elected public servants need our prayers and deserve our respect. According to the Apostle Paul in Romans 13, we believe that all of our government officials hold their offices under the authority of God and are “God’s servants for the good of all people.” Therefore, they should be held in high esteem and encouraged to be faithful in exercising their duties and responsibilities.

There is no justification for public rancor, rage, or threats of any kind being expressed toward our President, Senators, or Congresspersons. Moreover, we lament the harmful and divisive climate of bitterness, resentment, and retaliation that has descended on Washington, D.C., and across this country, and we pray for reconciliation, mutual respect, and civility.

“United we stand, divided we fall” is more than a slogan to which we pay lip service. Rather, these are watchwords for our entire nation and need to be reaffirmed by all of our leaders as we navigate through the storms of this recession and develop options and opportunities for all of our citizens.

So we ask everyone to pray for our President and members of Congress, trusting that they will discern God’s will and God’s way for America and may discover the healing power of hope and the promise of peace for our nation and the world. Please join us in this prayer as we seek to be “the beloved community” that the Lord has called all of us to become.

Faithfully and Hopefully Yours,

The Board of Directors of the Regional Council of Churches of Atlanta.

Dr. Gerald Durley, Providence Missionary Baptist Church, Co-Chair

Dr. George Wirth, First Presbyterian Church, Co-Chair

The Rev. Joanna Adams, Morningside Presbyterian Church

The Very Rev. Samuel Candler, Cathedral of St. Philip

Dean Alan Culpepper, McAfee School of Theology

The Rev. Gregory V. Eason, Sr., Big Bethel AME Church

Mr. Bruce Gunter, Progressive Redevelopment, Inc

Dr. C. P. Huang, Sensitin Research Ventures, LLC

Bishop Bevel L. Jones, III (ret.), United Methodist Church

The Rev. Yvette Massey, Warren Memorial United Methodist Church

The Rev. Daniel Matthews, Jr., St. Luke’s Episcopal Church

Dr. David Sapp, Second-Ponce de Leon Baptist Church

Ms. Sherrie Wilson, Church Women United

Doug Gatlin, Executive Director
Ethel Ware Carter, Director of Programs