The Tax Reform Council is currently meeting to recommend state tax law changes to the legislature. We can make a difference.


The council is comprised of businesses representatives, economists, and out-going Governor Sonny Perdue. This council will play an important role in shaping the debate moving forward. They will issue their recommendations to the General Assembly for a vote when it reconvenes in January 2011. Right now, special interest groups are making their positions known to members of the Council. If we fail to engage the debate at this moment, Georgia risks losing even more ground. We appreciate your quick response to the action items below.


Steps you can take

Comments can be submitted at TaxCouncil

Letters to the tax council can be sent to to Donna Moore at


  • The recession has taken a toll on the state’s ability to provide basic services for its people.
  • This recession has been the most severe recession since the Great Depression.
  • It has resulted in severe cuts to schools, senior programs, children’s healthcare, transportation, public safety, and vital social services. {Add examples of what these cuts have meant for you, such as waiting lists, and the increased need during the recession as well as long-term needs.}
  • Current tax structure is out-dated.
  • The recession has exposed Georgia’s tax structure to be unsustainable and unbalanced.
  • Georgia’s tax structure was developed in the 1930s and doesn’t account for today’s economy.
  • Tax loopholes, credits, and exemptions have been expanded at the expense of adequately funding services.
  • Important services that are critical to our children’s future and key to our state’s recovery are being compromised. {Add your examples}
  • We need real solutions that invest in families, communities, and our state’s prosperity.
  • Tax reform must preserve our communities by maintaining basic funding for essential services like schools, health care, and public safety and protect working families as they struggle to make ends meet.