On Friday, September 4, all of the police chiefs of county departments immediately surrounding the City gathered at the Atlanta Police Department headquarters for an emergency meeting with prominent clergy from throughout metro-Atlanta in the wake of the murder of a 19-year-old Spelman College student and numerous other recent and high-profile violent crimes. The tragic and horrifying crisis of violence that we are witnessing almost daily in Atlanta has nearly reached epidemic proportions and cannot be addressed by law enforcement alone - the faith community must come together and act in unison. Participants came together last week to dialogue and strategize about how to fight the rash of violence that is victimizing neighborhoods, from Buckhead to Fayetteville to Conyers and everywhere in between. Each of the meeting participants made a personal commitment to return to a subsequent, larger gathering with four of their respective colleagues.

Thursday, September 17, 2009 - 2:00 p.m.
Cobb County Police Department - South Cobb Government Center
4700 Austell Road
Austell, Georgia 30106
(770) 499-4182 telephone
Critical planning session for church pastors and police chiefs in the Atlanta area this Thursday. This meeting is to finalize and announce official partnerships and relationships between police departments and specific participating churches across Metro Atlanta. This meeting is for Police Chiefs and Senior Pastors only. Please do appeal for participation from other senior pastors and/or police chiefs with whom you have personal relationships.

Atlanta Police Chief Richard Pennington, DeKalb County Police Chief Bill O'Brien, Fulton County Police Chief Cassandra Jones, Clayton County Police Chief Jeff Turner, Cobb County Police Commissioner G.M. "Mickey" Lloyd and smaller city police chiefs from the region have cleared their schedules for this meeting. Pastors are asked to do the same.

Clerical apparel for the Pastors and Uniforms for the Police Chiefs

1. Expect to offer specific ideas and engage in a productive, targeted dialogue with other clergy and police chiefs about crime prevention, crime solving and changing criminal culture
2. Expect to identify a point person to serve as your direct liaison for your church/police department collaboration(s) and expect to formalize those partnerships
3. Expect to be prepared to join with other clergy in addressing the public, via the media, to outline the outcomes of the meeting
4. There is not and will not be a financial requirement or expectation.

For additional details, please contact any of the pastors or police chiefs already involved or call the Rev. Markel Hutchins' office at 404.5CHANGE.
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