An excellent, brief, accurate summary of the key issues on health-care reform. An excellent tool for individual congregations.   -- Ronald J. Sider, President, Evangelicals for Social Action

PICO and SOJOURNERS have joined forces to provide you with this toolkit on the current health-care reform debate. It is designed to educate and spark discussion and thought about how to live out God’s call for justice in our world. Th is guide includes biblical background, a status update on the state of U.S. health care, a look at past attempts at health-care reform, a helpful guide for understanding all the terms, options, and key choices in the current debate, a look at the role of the faith community and what values can shape our healthcare decisions, plus a list of what you and your community can do to promote health-care reform that makes coverage more aff ordable to families and serves the common good.

A Guide to the Health-Care Reform Debate

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