At its core, the Council's work is about justice for all of God's people. The 1957 Ministers Manifesto we commemorated a few years ago exemplifies the responsibility of people of faith to speak for justice.

The example of the courageous faith leaders who signed that then controversial document assures us that we can have tremendous influence when we work together as Christians. And, it reminds us that the creation of intentional ecumenical community like the Council enables this kind of action.

When the time arises to stand up, speak out, and take action as Christians, the Regional Council of Churches of Atlanta -- with membership across the metro region-- helps ensure and effective community response. Such was the case when the Hurricane Katrina disaster in 2005 brought over 70,000 evacuees to our doorstep.

Our Mission

The mission of The Regional Council of Churches of Atlanta is to develop relationships, foster dialogue, and advocate collaboration among all Christians throughout the 20 county Atlanta region.

Our Vision

The Council magnifies the work, worship, and witness of the body of Christ in the Atlanta region by:

  • Amplifying and strengthening our voice on key regional issues, events, and policy decisions to cultivate leadership and social responsibility.
  • Fulfilling our Christian call for social and economic justice through advocacy, education, facilitation, and action taken in partnership with existing infrastructures and agencies.
  • Deepening community among people of faith through fellowship and ecumenical activities.


The council will gather and support the ecumenical faith community

  • The Regional Council of Churches will hold a Monthly Pastors Breakfast. This will be a time for rejuvenating fellowship and mutual support; a time to hear concerns and issues, and to garner the common wisdom and energy of the faith leadership.
  • The Regional Council will host a monthly evening Young Ministers Roundtable. An ecumenical community of peers offers young ministers safe space in which to explore how the church and its world are changing and ways the church can remain relevant.
  • The Council will sponsor a community–wide ecumenical worship service at Pentecost.

The Council will maintain robust communication forums.

  • The Council has built a network of ministries, affinity groups, and congregations which reaches deeply into the faith community and widely across the region. The eNewsletter which goes to 14,000 faith leaders each week supports and informs this network.
  • The website is visited by hundreds of people a day for information, resources, or to participate in the daily online devotionals we offer. The website contains articles on issues of concern to the faith community as well as educational articles and opportunities to participate in celebration, worship, and ministry. The website features a community calendar and volunteer opportunities section.
  • The Council maintains a searchable data base of congregations and ministries a portion of which is accessible to visitors logged on to the website.

The Council will inform and learn from the faith community in matters of the common good and will amplify the voice of faith in the public arena.

  • The Council participates with faith and community partners to develop forums around critical issues such as homelessness, prison ministry and reentry, living wage, economic justice, and reconciliation.
  • The Council will facilitate and enable collaborative work in responsive ministry often including community organizations and agencies that are not faith-based.
  • The Council will in coalition with other groups develop congregational resources like the collaborative work done on a resource guide to help congregations begin a conversation about work and wage.
  • The Council will continue the Ecumenical Intern Program which gives seminary or graduate students studying public policy or nonprofit management hands-on experience and an opportunity to explore their vocation in the broader ecumenical community.

The Regional Council Of Churches Of Atlanta, Inc.

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Prayer from the Roman Catholic Archdiocese

A Prayer for Thanksgiving

For the expanding grandeur of creation, worlds known and unknown, galaxies beyond galaxies, filling us with awe and challenging our imaginations:
We give thanks this day.
For this fragile planet earth, its times and tides, its sunsets and seasons:
We give thanks this day.
For the joy of human life, its wonders and surprises, its hopes and achievements:
We give thanks this day.
For our human community, our common past and future hope,
our oneness transcending all separation,
our capacity to work for peace and justice in the midst of hostility and oppression:
We give thanks this day.
For high hopes and noble causes, for faith without fanaticism,
for understanding of views not shared:
We give thanks this day.
For all who have labored and suffered for a fairer world,
who have lived so that others might live in dignity and freedom:
We give thanks this day.
For human liberty and sacred rites;
for opportunities to change and grow, to affirm and choose:
We give thanks this day.
We pray that we may live not by our fears but by our hopes,
not by our words but by our deeds.
We give thanks this day.



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Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

“Blessed Are the Peacemakers” Bible studies from the New Baptist Covenant for adults, youth and children to remember Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. and his work for justice. Download these free Bible studies here.

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