Launched this January, a new service called FaithElement brings several innovations to small group Bible study for youth and adults. The materials are free for church groups to use, with funding coming from sponsorships.

FaithElement is a media-savvy resource. Each session provides a Bible background video that provides context and interpretation of the selected passage. The video is delivered online and can be viewed using a computer, laptop or portable device. Various forms of media are often used in sessions, including video clips, music and other web-based content.

The new resource also recognizes a variety of approaches. Each session offers these approaches: Mental, Missional, Mystic, Media and Youth. Each session page is just one page in length, and groups only need one. Each approach is extremely low-prep, and they each connect with the Bible background video, freeing leaders from the need for lengthy preparation. A quick "how-to" video is available on at FaithElement to help you get started (just click on the "Help" link).

FaithElement groups are also encouraged to participate in quarterly projects. These projects offer opportunities for groups and individuals to put their faith into action, and to work together to make a difference in the world. The service allows persons to sign up for regular "Faith Challenges" which can be accessed via email, Facebook or Twitter.

Nikki Hardeman provides Bible background guidance through the weekly videos, while a team of experienced writers develop the various session pages for each week’s session. The materials draw scripture selections from the Revised Common Lectionary. FaithElement’s writing team is led by David Cassady, and includes David Adams, Don Breeden, Jim Dant, Jennifer Harris, and Jon Parks.

Give FaithElement a try at FaithElement. Click on "this week" to see the latest session. For questions, contact