Interfaith Coalition Against Gun Violence

An interfaith clergy coalition, Outcry: Faith Voices Against Gun Violence, has come together to raise our voices as people of faith all across Georgia in hopes of preventing gun violence in our state. 

We believe that God calls us to value every human life and commands us to live in peace with one another. 

We believe that God also commands us to love our neighbor and therefore it is our responsibility to do all that we can to ensure the safety and security of all people.

We can no longer be silent about gun violence in our state.  We will oppose political decisions driven by fear that promote the notion that the answer to gun violence is more guns.  As citizens of Georgia and as leaders of faith communities we oppose House Bill 875 and any legislation that would allow more guns in more places in our state.

Through our faith, we have a vision for human community that is built on solidarity and trust, not fear and terror.  We hope and work for the day when neighborhoods and communities all across our state will be places where human life is valued and celebrated, not tragically ended by gun violence.  In this hope, we are encouraging all people of faith to become informed and active in preventing gun violence in Georgia.  We pray for moral clarity and courage as we seek to build peace and good will among the human family.  We commit ourselves to praying and working for public policies that promote the flourishing of our communities and our congregations in safety and peace.


Rev. Fahed Abuakel

Rev. Dr. Joanna Adams

Rev. Dr. Lane Alderman

Rev. Susan Allen-Grady

Rev. Josh Amerson

Rev. Lindsay P. Armstrong

Rev. Aqueelah As-Salaam

Rev. Chris Barbieri

Rev. Dr. David Bartlett

Rabbi Peter Berg

Rev. Linda Birchall

Rev. Dr. Timothy Boggess

Rev. Ronald S. Bonner

Rabbi Dr. Analia Bortz

Rabbi Erin Boxt

Rabbi Rachael Bregman

Rev. Frank Cornelius Brown

Rev. Chris Bryant

Rev. Laura Bryant

Rev. J. Thomas Buchanan

Rev. Tara Bulger

Pastor M. Kent Burel

Rev. Canon Richard Callaway

Rev. Samuel G. Candler

Rev. James C. Cantrell

Rev. Gary Charles

Rev. Philip Chisholm 

Rev. Dr. William Clarkson IV

Rev. Carolyn Clifton

Rev. Andy Cooke

Rev. Mary Jane Cornell

Rev. Robert Crawford

Rev. Lane E. Davis

Rev. Dr. C. Gregory DeLoach

Rev. Wendy Dewberr

yRev. Mark Douglas

Rev. Sharyn Dowd

Deacon Lesley-Ann Drake

Rev. Pam Driesell

Rev. Dr. P. C. Enniss

Rev. Dr. Jane Fahey

Rev. Susan Farrar-Bulit

Rev. Steve Fazenbaker

Rabbi Loren Filson-Lapidus

Rev. Sarah Fisher-Brady

Rev. Ashley Fitzpatrick

Rev. Dr. Dave Fry

The Venerable Edward B. Fuller

Rev. Deacon Charles Gearing

Rev. Angela Gilreath-Rivers

Rev. Craig Goodrich

Rabbi Pamela Jay Gottfried

Rev. Dave Allen Grady

Rabbi Fred Greene

Rev. Ron Grizzle

Rev. Tom Hagood

Rev. Anna Mitchell Hall

Rev. Sam Hamby

Rev. Richard C. Hart

Cantor Deborah L. Hartman

Rev. Morgan Hay

Rev. Sara A Hayden

Rev. Ernie Hess

Rev. Nanci Hicks

Rev. Larry L. Hill

Rev. Dr. Katy Hinman

Rev. John Howren

Rev. Dana Huges

Rev. Richard Hunter

Rev. Kate Hurst-Floyd

Rev. Laura Jernigan

Rev. Dr. David Bevel Jones

Rev. Kenneth Jones

Rev. Shanan Jones

Rev. Karen Kagiyama

Rabbi Mario Karpuj

Rev. Jenna Kennedy

Rabbi Eytan Kenter

Father Scott Kidd

Rabbi Julie Anne Kozlow

Rev. James E Lamkin 

Rev. Dr. Beth LaRocca-Pitts

Rev. Keith Lawder

Rev. Caroline Leach

Deacon Chris Lemley

Rabbi Joshua Lesser

Rabbi Brad Levenberg

Rev. David Lewicki

Rabbi Thomas P. Liebschutz

Rev. Dr. Kimberly Long

Rev. Dr. Thomas G. Long

Rev. Kirk Lyman-Barner

Rev. Leah Lyman-Waldron

Rev. Lisa Majoros

Rev. Dan Matthews

Rev. John W. Mattox, Jr.

Rev. Joseph McBrayer

Pastor Timothy McBride

Rev. David Melton

Rev. Joy Melton

Rev. John Merk

Rev. Jimmy Moor

Rev. Kathy Morris

Rev. Gad Mpoyo

Rev. Dr. Baron Mullis

Rev. Dr. Raj Nadella

Rev. Steve Napier

Deacon Georgia Newman

Rev. Dr. James Newsome

Rev. Jim Nixon

Rev. Dr. C. Gray Norsworthy

Rev. Jill Oglesby-Evans

Rev. Keith W. Oglesby

Rev. Dennis Patterson

Rev. Anjie Peek-Woodworth

Rev. Julie Pennington-Russell

Rabbi Elana E. Perry

Rev. Dr. Wendell Phillips

Rev. Susan Pinson

Rev. David Powers

Rev. Bob Prim

Rev. Elaine N. Puckett

Rev. Richard A. Puckett

Rabbi Steven H. Rau

Rev. Curtis Rivers

Rev. Dr. Alice Rogers

Rev. Elizabeth J. Roles

Rev. Adam Roberts

Rev. Marilyn Roberts

Rev. Paul Roberts

Rev. Matthew Ruffner

Rev. Dalton Rushing

Rev. Stacey Rushing

Rev. Beth Sanders

Rabbi Neil Sandler

Rev. Dr. David Sapp

Rabbi Scott B. Saulson

Rev. Liz Schellingerhoudt

Rabbi Ron Segal

Rev. Blair Setnor

Rev. Beverly Brown Shaw

Dr. Randy Shepley

Rev. Greg Smith

Rev. Dr. J. Todd Speed

Rabbi David Spinrad

Dr. B. Wiley Stephens

Rev. Drew Stockstill

Rev. Nibs Stroupe

Rabbi Alvin M. Sugarman

Vicar Michael A. Tanner

Rev. George Tatro

Rev. Jessica Terrell

Rev. E. Gail Thompson

Rev. Robert V. Thompson

Rev. Holly Tickle

Rev. Brian A. Tillman

Rev. Joel Tolbert

Rev. Jill Tolbert

Rev. Michael R. Tutterow

Rev. Paul M. Turner

Dr. Jill Ulrici

Rev. Sonny Walden

Rev. Roy Watkins

Rev. Arthur Villarreal

Dr. Raphael Warnock

Rev. Scott Weimer

Rev. Gregory M. Williams

Rev. Chip Wilson

Rev. Robert Winstead

Dr. George Wirth

Rev. Edith W. Woodling

Bishop Robert C. Wright

Rev. Nancy Yancey 

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Light of new hope

God of refuge,
hear our prayer
as we hold the people of Beirut
in our hearts at this time.
Fill us with compassion
and move us to reach out in love.

In your mercy,
bring comfort to those who mourn,
healing to those who are injured,
shelter to those who are homeless
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Give strength to those who are working
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We ask this through Christ our Lord, Amen.

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