What does the LORD require of you but to act justly and love tenderly and to walk humbly with your God?Micah 6:8

It is hard to describe one’s own transformation. How can I attest to the feelings associated with seeing the world differently, understanding what justice could look like, knowing that I have more than my fair share of God’s gifts, being called to serve so that I will truly know love? While JustFaith challenged most of what I thought was true … of our Christian calling, of the nature of marketplaces, of the fairness in law and governance…the struggle brought forth the precious gifts of connecting deeply with a small community who have experienced the same transformation and feeling God’s call on a daily basis to look for opportunities to love others who suffer and realize, in that moment, the beauty of God’s Kingdom on earth. Amy M. Edwards, recent JustFaith graduate.

I had expected that the JustFaith program would we enriching, but I had no idea of the deeper transformation it would start within me. The materials and discussion were so eye-opening and enlightening that I often felt naïve for not knowing many of these things already or for not understanding the Gospel message in a more meaningful way. JustFaith has allowed me to see the world with a bias from the bottom and opened my heart to a sincere compassion for others. My life question has turned from “what will make me happy?” to “what can I do to realized the potential God planted in me?” JustFaith has allowed God to be a meaningful part of my everyday life for the first time ever. The justice work I’ve done to help others has given me a fulfillment that I have not know before. PJ Edwards, recent JustFaith graduate from St. Thomas the Apostle in Smyrna

Our Christian faith and Biblical tradition extend an extraordinary invitation to each of us and our faith communities to become agents of God’s compassion and healing in a wounded world. The Good News of Christ is both a comfort and a promise for the poor and, at the same time, a call to those of us who are not poor to be linked with God’s vision of justice and reconciliation. At JustFaith Ministries we are helping ordinary people become shining examples of this vision within their own communities. We are helping faith communities become shining examples of this vision to the world. Simply put, we are helping to fill the world with humble, faith-filled people who act with courageous justice and love with profound tenderness. Come in, spend some time here with us, and take a look at what we have to offer you and your community! JustFaith website

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