Church of the Epiphany is the local site for training in use of Godly Play. A CORE Training in preparation for a new season of Sunday School will be held in this Montessori-based Sunday School curriculum at Epiphany, 2089 Ponce de Leon, Atlanta. The training has been broken into 2 week-ends to support those with working schedules. July 30 5 - 8:30 pm, July 31 8:30 am - 4 pm. August 6 and 7. 2010. In this training you will learn the foundational theories of Godly Play as well as experience and present three types of stories - parable, sacred story, and liturgical action. Contact Heather Knapp for more information.  404 373 8338 x 20. Godly Play is used by diverse denominations

Godly Play is a Montessori based curriculum that uses a multi-sensory approach to telling Bible stories with three-dimensional materials – wooden figures, fabric, blocks, sand. The goal of Godly Playis to help children to use religious language to know God and find direction in their lives while they are still young. The Godly Play classroom is a place for children to be themselves; to come closer to the mystery of God’s presence; to learn the language of Christian people; to form community and take care of one another. Sacred stories, parables, symbols, and liturgical actions are invitations to enter into the work of discovering God. Godly Play was developed and has been classroom tested since 1972 by Episcopal priest, author, and teacher Jerome W. Berryman.
At GodlyPlay you can watch a lovely and sacred introduction to Godly Play.

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