A Litany of Support for United Negro College Fund

Please use for awareness during any worship service, culminating on UNCF Sunday, February 25, 2018
Ask all in congregation who attended an HBCU to stand…then ask the entire congregation to stand for reaching of litany.

LEADER: The United Negro College Fund was born of the vision of Dr. Frederick D. Patterson and 27 other college presidents for the mutual benefit of educating young, gifted, and deserving African-American youth. The long-term goal of UNCF is to provide a low-cost quality education in an environment that enables students to excel.
CONGREGATION: We affirm the vision and goals of the United Negro College Fund.
LEADER: UNCF serves the growth and vitality of its member Historically Black Colleges and Universities through college fairs and tours, scholarships, mentoring and internships, faculty fellowship programs, international studies programs, institutional management programs, and public advocacy. With the prayers and support of the greater community, UNCF has come this far by faith.
CONGREGATION: We affirm the positive impact of UNCF on this community and the nation as a whole.
LEADER: We support this group of dynamic and dedicated professionals who deliver essential services to its member institutions, faculty, students, and staff.
CONGREGATION: We affirm and prayerfully support the leadership and staff of UNCF.
LEADER: An advocate for Historically Black Colleges and Universities across the country and facilitator of a global vision of education for people of color, UNCF stands in need of our prayers and financial support.
CONGREGATION: We affirm the needs of the United Negro College Fund.
ALL: In supporting UNCF, we will provide better futures for the young men and women it serves and help change the world, one degree at a time. We believe that A Mind is a Terrible Thing to Waste, but a Wonderful Thing to Invest in.

For more resources and information contact Denise Blake at Denise.Blake@uncf.org 

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