Summer Sermon and Lecture Series

Summer Sermon and Lecture Series

Cathedral of St. Philip, 2744 Peachtree Road, Atlanta 30305.

Living the Beatitudes; Heroes in the Practice of Faith

Sundays, June 5–August 7 
In this summer series, open to all, hear from parishioners about saints, historical and contemporary, who inspire them by the way they lived out the Beatitudes and their faith.

June 5: Canon Wallace Marsh – John of the Cross podcast 
June 12: Ray Hill – Abraham Lincoln and Charles Carpenter podcast
June 19: Gordon Mathis – Francis of Assisi podcast
June 26: Ward Bondurant – Atticus Finch
July 3: No class
July 10: David Burge – William Wilberforce
July 17: Randy Rizor – Mother Teresa
July 24: Greg Cole – Thich Nhat Hanh
July 31: Jennifer Priestley – Dorothy Day and Thomas Merton
August 7: Mary Caroline Cravens – Julian of Norwich and Marjory Kempe


Second-Ponce de Leon Baptist Church

Real questions People Ask…” Summer at SPdL U, Wednesdays at 6 p.m., in the Fellowship Hall, 2715 Peachtree Road, Atlanta. No registration is required for this series which began on June 1. Each session is discrete. Using brief videos featuring McAfee professors, discussion, and in-depth thought, come wrestle with real issues Christians have with the Bible.

June 1 How can people read the same gospels and come to such different conclusions about Jesus? With Dr. Thomas Slater

June 8 How can a good God allow evil and suffering in the world” with Dr. Alan Culpepper

June 15 Can the Old Testament shed light on today’s conflicts in the Middle East? with Dr. Rob Nash

June 22 What are the implications of creation stories for our role with the environment” with Dr. Nancy deClaisse`-Walford

June 29 Can we demand rigorous obedience to scripture and still be loving people? with Dr. David Gushee

July 27 How can the Bible help me with life struggles? with Dr. Denise Massey

Second-Ponce De Leon Baptist Church

Bearing Witness: A Sermon Series From the Book of Acts, Sundays, 11 a.m., 2715 Peachtree Road NE, Atlanta 30305.

June 19 Acts 5:27-32 Taking a Stand in Jerusalem

June 26 Acts 8: 26-40 Unlikely Baptism: Witness Beyond Jerusalem

July 3 Acts 9:1-9 Life Change: Witness Gets a Champion

July 10 Acts 11:1-18 What is Profane? Witness to Gentiles

July 17 Acts 25:1-11 Church Fight: Witness Challenged

July 24 Acts 16:16-34 Who Got Set Free? Witness to the Greek World

July 31 Acts 17:22-31 Witness Clarified

August 7 Acts 19:20-34 What Happens to Me if Artemis Loses Power: Witness Oppressed in Ephesus

August 14 Acts 28: 17-30 Hard of Hearing: Witness Unhindered


Unitarian Universalist Congregation of Atlanta

The Long New Deal 1932-1952: Restructuring Racial Inequality in America UUCA Adult Religious Education class, free (no tuition), all welcome. Unitarian Universalist Congregation of Atlanta, 7-9 p.m., Wednesdays, June  15, 22, 29 and a second series in August.
The "long" New Deal of the FDR and Truman administrations, long seen as an era of radical reform, in fact reconfigured racial inequality on a national scale. Congress, dominated by the Dixiecrat wing of the Democratic majority, insured that its panoply of programs and policies preserved the South's Jim Crow system, and expanded its scope to the rest of the US.  The labor movement, suburbanization -- indeed recent US history has been shaped by this inherent contradiction of racial inequality embedded in American liberal, progressive politics.

UUCA, 1911 Cliff Valley Way Atlanta 30329, on Cliff Valley between I-85 N access road just north of N Druid Hills Road interchange and Briarcliff Rd.  R.s.v.p. to help determine room size to David H Slavin PhD or Rev. Jonathan Rogers (404) 634- 5134 


Northside Drive Baptist Church
The Not-for-profit Prophets, Summer sermon series, Sundays, at 11 a.m., May 29 to Sept. 4, 3100 Northside Drive NW. This series is built upon the odd, angular preachers of the Old Testament, the Hebrew Prophets. They functioned as Israel's immune system. Whenever the Hebrew Faith became too aligned with culture or comfort or power or privilege...God sent a prophet. By today's standards of success, productivity, winning, or profit-making...the prophets failed. They were Not-for-Profit, Prophets. But they are called by God to be faithful...and so are we. How shall we respond?

Northside Drive Baptist Church

Family, Gender, and Sexuality in the Bible, Summer Lecture Series 2016, 3100 Northside Drive, Atlanta 30305. Sundays, June 5-August 28, 9:30 a.m. in the Fellowship Hall.

June 5 - Dr. David Bell Dirt, Darwin, and Creation

June 12 - Dr. David Bell Lilith and Gender Justice: The Construction of the Fall and Feminine Gender

June 19 - Dr. Karen Massey Was Dan Brown Right? The Relationship Between Jesus and Mary Magdalene

June 26 - Dr. Lewis Bozard To Value or To Vanquish: Christianity's Mixed Messages About the Body

July 10 - Dr. Nancy L. deClaisse-Walford Feminine Images of God in the Psalter

July 17 - Dr. Nancy L. deClaisse-Walford A Feminist Reading of Psalms 90-92

July 24 - Rabbi Judith R. Beiner Dreamgirls of the Bible: Women Who "Worked It"

A Look at Tamar and Ruth

July 31 - Rabbi Judith R. Beiner Dreamgirls of the Bible: Women Who "Worked It"

A Look at Miriam and Esther

August 7 - Dr. Tina Pippin Family Values in the Bible

August 14 - Dr. Tina Pippin Apocalyptic Sex

August 28 - Dr. Steven M. Sheeley - Are We Really Reading Scripture?

First Presbyterian Church of Atlanta

The Parables of Jesus, Sundays at 10:45, 1328 Peachtree Street, Atlanta 30309.

June 5  “The Great Banquet”  Luke 14:16-23,  Tony Sundermeier

June 12  “The Persistent Widow”  Luke 18:1-8  Tony Sundermeier

June 19  “The Workers in the Vineyard”  Matthew 20:1-16  Tony Sundermeier

June 26  “The Rich Man and Lazarus”  Luke 16:19-31  Tony Sundermeier

July 3  “Treasure, Merchants, and Nets”  Matthew 13-44:50  Ryan Bonfiglio

July 10  “The Rich Fool”  Luke 12:13-21  Tony Sundermeier

July 17  “A Friend at Midnight”  Luke 11:5-13  Rebekah LeMon

July 24  “The Sower”  Luke 8:4-15  Ann-Henley Saunders

July 31  “The Unforgiving Servant”  Matthew 18:23-35  Tony Sundermeier

August 7  “The Ten Bridesmaids”  Matthew 25:1-13  Tony Sundermeier

August 14  “The Talents”  Matthew 25:14-24  Tony Sundermeier

August 21  “The Sheep and the Goats”  Matthew 25:31-46  Tony Sundermeier

August 28  “The Prodigal Son”  Luke 15:11-32  Rebekah LeMon

September 4  “The Good Samaritan”  Luke 10:25-37  Kevin Knab

Glenn Memorial UMC

Reformations – Past, Present, and Future, Summer Lecture Series, Sundays, June 5 thru August 14, 9:45 a.m., 1660 North Decatur Road  NE, Atlanta 30307, Ward Hall.  Emory University’s Candler School of Theology faculty will be back for another round of interesting theological topics. Susan Hylen, Brent Strawn, Pat Graham, Kimberly Wagner, Won Chul Shin, Tom Elliott, and Joel LeMon.

5: Susan Hylen - Reshaping Scripture: Reformation Interpretations of the Gospel of John
12: Brent Strawn - The Old Testament and Re-Formation, Part 1: Exodus and Pharaoh, King of Egypt
19: Brent Strawn - The Old Testament and Re-Formation, Part 2: Deuteronomy and (Other) Kings
26: Susan Hylen - Reshaping Scripture: Reformation Interpretations of Galatians

3: Holiday Brunch and Hymn Sing

10: Kimberly Wagner

17: Pat Graham - 500th anniversary of Erasmus’ Greek New Testament

24: Pat Graham - 500th anniversary of Martin Luther’s 95 Theses in 2017

31: Won Chul Shin - After Reformation: Pietism and Its Influence on John Wesley

7: Tom Elliott - Methodist Reformations
14: Joel LeMon - Reformation and Art


Central Presbyterian Church

The Political Presbyterian: How Faith Informs Public Engagement, 2016 Adult Summer Series 201 Washington Street SW, Atlanta, GA 30303. A search on Google for “John Calvin” with the word liberty yields 1.2 million results. Clearly, the roots of our church are embedded in Calvin’s Institutes and his ideas about freedom. One scholar goes so far as to include Calvin in the pantheon of our nation’s Founders.  This series is an opportunity to rediscover our roots, reflect on what the Bible says about how we claim our participation in community, and to examine our own responsibilities as ethical citizens. Class sessions will meet at 9:45 a.m. in The Atrium, the ground floor of the Oglesby Building. Visit online.

June 5  Mark Douglas The Constantinian Capture of the Church

June 12 Rod Hunter The Kingdom of God Versus the Reign of Caesar: How Should Idealistic, Committed Christians Relate to the World of Social Conflict, Power Politics, and the Tough Work of Governing?

June 19  Beth Johnson  The New Testament and Christian Political Involvement

June 26  John Senior  Fear in the Heart of Politics

July 3  Gary Rowe  John Calvin, Talk Radio and the Renewal of Liberty

July 10 • Chris McCain • Faith and Politics Within the Church: Reflections on the 222nd PC(USA) General Assembly

July 17  Paul Zwier John Calvin, Politics and the Pulpit

July 24  John Senior  A Politics of Gratitude

July 31 William Yoo  The Presbyterian Struggle over Slavery in the Nineteenth Century: Contrasting Interpretations of Race, Culture, and the Bible. 

August 7  Graham Younger  Faith in Public Life - Advancing Faith Voices in the Public Square

August 14 Brennan Breed Is the Old Testament a Political Document?

August 21 Richard Griffiths  Bonfires to Breaking News

August 28 Central Members  Worship as a Political Event

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