• learn different ways that beads can be made and used.
  • explore the creative roles beads can play in our relationships, ceremonies, and prayers.
  • exercise their own creativity in spiritual pursuit
Join Eleanor in learning and making a prayer bead necklace or bracelet Bring any beads you may have from mother or grandmother's gifts no longer worn or other meaningful items to incorporate in your work. Eleanor will have starter kits ($20) too.
Sunday, September 19, 2010


2461 PEACHTREE RD. 30305

2-4 p.m.

Prayer beads are universal. The word is derived from the Anglo-Saxon bidden(to pray) and bede(prayer). They use of beads to support prayer appears to have originated with the Hindus in India (185 BC to AD 320) Today two-thirds of the world population utilizes some form of prayer beads. The circular form of prayer beads has different levels of religious and psychological meanings. Rosaries are now used in Christian denominations beyond the Catholic and Orthox churches and in many of the worlds religions.