Pick muscadines with Concrete Jungle

Concrete Jungle celebrates fall fruits by pickin' Muscadines  and Scuppernongs Saturday, Oct. 9, at 10 a.m. at a beautiful vineyard in Sparta, just outside of Milledgeville! This vineyard is home to almost 12 acres of grapes, with 13 different varieties growing. Meet at the farm; specific details will be sent out 1 or 2 days before the pick. After picking, there will be an adventure you don’t want to miss.  Please bring the following with you:
- sturdy, close-toed shoes
- comfortable clothes you don't mind getting dirty and can move around in!
- A mask! This is optional for folks who are vaccinated.
- Water, and plenty of it!
- A sack lunch!
- A vessel for picking Muscadines into (buckets & milk jugs with the top cut off work!), bonus points if you've got string so you can tie it to yourself for hands-free picking!

CAR POOL: If you'd like to request a ride or offer a ride to others going on this pick, you can do so using this link: 
https://www.groupcarpool.com/t/n3bx6z. Note that this is not a Concrete Jungle organized carpool; it is a site for volunteers to organize carpooling individually. Please be sure to discuss departure and return times, and COVID safety protocols with the folks you plan to carpool with!

In accordance with public health guidelines:
- Masks are optional for volunteers who are fully vaccinated. However, we strongly encourage the use of masks when it may be difficult to socially distance from other volunteers during a pick or harvest event.
- Individuals who are older than 65 or have a chronic health condition should not volunteer until fully vaccinated.
- Individuals who are sick or live with someone who is should not volunteer.

Note: All staff that oversee our programs are fully vaccinated. We ask volunteers who have traveled or may have been exposed to Covid-19 to not volunteer until they receive a negative test result."

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