Update on Kelly Gissendaner and her case, March 10, from the group working to save her life.

At this time, there is a very temporary hold on executions in Georgia as officials look into problems with the drugs the state uses in executions. We have learned that when the hold is lifted a new execution date will be set for Kelly. This could happen in as few as a couple ...of weeks.
There are still legal appeals before the US Supreme Court and the 11th Circuit Court of Appeals on issues related to Kelly’s case. For instance, the Supreme Court is considering an appeal based on Kelly’s relative culpability in the crime - never before in the modern history of the death penalty has Georgia executed someone who was not the “trigger person” in the crime or present when the victim was harmed. Yet even with these outstanding appeals, the state of Georgia does not have to wait for these cases to be decided before setting an execution date. In other words, even though her execution was delayed, Kelly is not out of danger. In addition, a new lethal injection challenge was filed yesterday in federal court, focusing on the events of March 2 and 3, and the resulting constitutional violations.

As you might have seen in the news, some members of the Gissendaner family have asked that the state proceed with the execution. This does have bearing on the state’s decision to proceed. Those of us who are rallying around Kelly and asking for her life to be spared do not do so by ignoring the deep pain of the Gissendaner family. This is not an either/or situation. Pleading for Kelly’s life does not mean we push aside the horror of her crime.

While we cannot imagine the pain and suffering the Gissendaner family has experienced, we simultaneously hope for grace and mercy for Kelly. We continue to ask people of faith pray for all parties involved. And we continue to pray for a healing for the Gissendaner family that we strongly believe the death penalty is inadequate to provide.
We are still calling on faith leaders to sign this letter: Clergy Letter
We are still calling on individuals to sign this petition: Petition
We are still calling on individuals and organizations to reach out respectfully and lovingly to to Georgia Governor Nathan Deal, Georgia Attorney General Sam Olens, and the Georgia Board of Pardons and Paroles to let your voices be heard. They act on behalf of the citizens of Georgia and in our names.

And we are still asking people to share Kelly’s story and ask others to join us in this work: Kelly on My Mind

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