Weare The Fathers of Saint Jude Orthodox CatholicChurch,   We belong to the Holy American Orhtodox Catholic Church in New York.  Our Primate is Archbishop Roger Paul Willingham.  We are missionary priest who go throughout the world helping the sick,poor, homeless, children, hospita and etc.       Our priest must posses patients,kindness, humility and above all an unending love for Our Lord Jesus Christ.  They are willing to sacrifice everything for Our Savior as He did for us.  The are obedient to the church, to the order, and their bishop and supervisor appointed over them.                                                                      We may be asked to do the impossible, so we think, but our Lord stated there is nothing impossible, threough Him. So weust have a close relationship with Him.  In order  to accomplish our mission, there may be times of hardshop, lonelines, tribulation and suffering:  but we have to remember why we joined the Order,  and what we stand for; To wipe ou despair through the intervention of Our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.  Are Close to the Holy Spirit and St. Jude, for they both walk in heaven together. So with kind of help and guidence, we cannot fail.  Remembering your are a priest for life.   We do not get payed by the Church so keep this in mind, you have to be very strong in Christ to do this work.             If anyone is interested in the Order of Saint Jude or would like to donated please wrie or call. Write to Archbishopvic@live.com or call 706=650-1658, we will be glad to answer any question you may have.   God Bless and hope to hear from you soon        +Victor 

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