Amnesty International presents a groundbreaking film that takes the audience to the front row of an execution. During a 2 week coast-to-coast tour select theaters across America will become execution chambers as the audience is invited to enter the witness room and sit front and center for the final days of a man’s life on death row and ultimately his execution in the electric chair. Producers say that “EXECUTION: RIGHT OR WRONG? YOU DECIDE.” is an important film event that will make a great impact in the ongoing debate over the death penalty in America by allowing the audience to spend the final days of a man’s life on death row and ultimately witness his execution. The film’s director Steven Scaffidi, who claims to be on the fence about the issue, says, “I want to put the audience on the front row and let them decide for themselves if executing a human being is right or wrong?” He wants his film to make a difference and points to a statement that Sister Helen Prejean, author of “Dead Man Walking”, made to him at a death penalty gathering in Louisiana: “The best way to stop executions is for people to witness one.”


What makes this film so unique is that “Execution” is the only film ever made which stars a real condemned man, a real warden and a real priest. William Neal Moore, The Condemned Man, spent 16 years on Death Row and was only 7 hours from the electric chair. He is the only self-confessed murderer under today’s law to be released from Death Row and is now an unconditional free man due in part to the forgiveness of the victim’s family and the intervention of Mother Theresa. Mr. Moore will accompany Scaffidi to each screening and the two will hold a Q and A session following the film which has previously drawn large audiences by invitation of several select universities across America and in the United Kingdom. When asked if the execution in his film is real or not Scaffidi responds, “You decide.”


“Execution” has made an impact everywhere it’s been screened. Dr. Loraine Gelsthorpe, Director of Postgraduate Programmes at the University of Cambridge, raved about the screening saying, “The film prompted enormous interest and debate and there is still a buzz about it. Fantastic! Provocative. Thought-provoking.” According to the film’s website, the Tulane University screening drew close to 1,000 people, many who stood in the rain, to see the film at McAllister Auditorium. Brian Evans, interim Director of the Death Penalty Abolition Campaign for Amnesty International USA says, “This is a refreshing departure from the way capital punishment is usually portrayed in films, with an emphasis on the profound effects executions have on those most intimately involved”. He goes on to say, “Amnesty International USA encourages individuals to see this film which reflects upon one of the major human rights concerns in the USA: the use of the death penalty.”


The “Execution” screening event “Right or Wrong? You Decide.” will take place in 8 major cities across America beginning in Washington DC on Sunday, November 11, 2012 in Regal Cinemas’ Gallery Place Stadium 14. Doors open at 7pm and the screenings begin at 7:30pm in each theater except in Los Angeles where the film screens at 8pm. The screening schedule is as follows:


Thursday, November 15 REGAL TARA 4, 2345 Cheshire Bridge Rd, Atlanta, GA


Each screening will be limited to only 250 seats so the public is advised to get their tickets early. Advance tickets at the Regal Cinemas box office.


Interview requests can be arranged before or after all screenings. CAMERAS WILL NOT BE ALLOWED IN THE THEATER DURING THE SCREENING.

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