It is exciting that our state has Sunday voting for the first time ever. It's one thing we can all agree on and can do together with neighboring churches. Let's make casting a ballot a community celebration. Remind your people to register to vote. Here are three reasons to emphasize this responsibility and opportunity.

First, it speaks to the idea of our church being involved in what's going on locally — a value that we hold dear and believe important.

Second, it dovetails nicely with a non-partisan approach and the idea that political involvement — of all stripes — gives us a voice in important decisions that affect our lives and those of our families.

Third, the theological basis for using our influence in matters of state — giving unto Casesar and such — realizing that we have incredible power and responsibility to participate in civic functioning. Voting gives individuals the right to complain! ;). Plus, it is stewardship season, and voting is a big way we determine what is most important.


Subject: Early Voting and Sunday Voting. Help congregations and the communities we pray!

Note:  When you reach out, do not include your personal feelings about the election or candidates. Congregations must remain non-partisan and the reason congregations are open to these resources is because they are posted on the non-partisan Regional Council of Churches website.  It is not enough that the resources are non-partisan, the messenger must be non-partisan. 

Dear friends,
Will you call the leadership of 2 or 3 congregations you know- lay or clergy- around the state and nearby and share this info?  It will need a follow-up call to the congregation's office if there is to be any chance of info in this week's bulletin or newsletter. Tues am is the typical deadline. Please offer Jewish and Muslim and other faith contacts as well.  

Please include voting info in your communications and planning meetings this week.  Go to theRegional Council of Church's website RCCAtl.orgfor "Let's Vote" bulletin announcements, posters, and SUNDAY VOTING details. The deadline for registering to vote is October 6. To register google "My Voter Page."  What about posting info on your homepage?
Plan now for Early Voting and Sunday Voting.  It is stewardship season. Time to be faithful stewards of the freedoms we've been given.  So...VOTE!  Early voting is October 13-31 and for the first time in Georgia's history, several counties have SUNDAY VOTING.  If congregations can enlist lay leaders right away, get word in this week's bulletin and put up posters, members will have time to plan for a true celebration. We may not all vote the same way, but we call all vote together.
Share "Let's Vote" info with neighboring congregations and community ministries today. That way organizations that need and have resources can find each other and plan ahead to vote (eg. source vans for early voting and help interfaith groups on other days, help deacons w/absentee ballots for homebound, print posters, plan a celebration or parade to the polls!). Congregations and their partners will do all these things naturally if they just have enough time to plan.   
Monday October 6 is the deadline for voter registration.  This week, please lead your congregation andweekday building staff in setting aside 5 minutes to pause, check the status of their voter registration (or register!) and find their polling location. Google "My Voter Page" on your various devices. Youth can help the less tech savvy among you. This could even be a part of Sunday worship October 5th.  
The Regional Council of  Churches is helping congregations get word out about early voting, Sunday voting and God's call to be faithful, grateful stewards of the freedoms we've been given.  Amen!
Let me know if I can be of service.
KEY DATES Google "My Voter Page" for details and updates.
Voter Registration Deadline --Monday October 6
Early Voting October--13-31 select dates and locations
SUNDAY VOTING in several counties -- FULTON Oct 19(26) and DEKALB Oct 26
Election Day -- Nov 4.

Can I Vote: Questions Frequently Asked by People with a Criminal Re...


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