God gave me a second chance at life; it’s that simple. My “first” life was like a jigsaw puzzle, the pieces not fitting together perfectly and creating a greater picture. All of the components of my life in China are a blur, but all I know is that if God hadn’t given me a second chance, my life wouldn’t be as it is today. It’s funny to think that if one little event in your life had never happened, it would change everything. Although this event I’m about to briefly talk about isn’t little but rather monumental, if it hadn’t have happened, who knows where I’d be in the world today. It was God that set up a path for me, and it is God who has helped me to continue along that path in the most positive way possible.

I was born in China. I was an adorable baby girl. I had a mom and a dad. Most importantly, I was left at a police station, young, helpless, and without any knowledge of my biological parents and the life I was born in to. I grew up in an orphanage. I had a nanny and a crib mate. I didn't know where my life was headed, or if I would be adopted. I didn’t know where my biological parents were, or if I would grow up in the same orphanage for the rest of my life. My whole future was a mystery, and the life I was living was not a life meant to be lived for 19 months. Then, a miracle happened: God sent two people, a man and a woman, to China, to be my adoptive parents. Their job was to provide the warmth, the security, and the love that I deserve… the aspects of life that had been missing from mine in China. I believe it was God’s doing that affected where I am today. He sent an amazing, kind, warm-hearted, and devoted couple to care for this little Chinese girl, the girl that could still be living in China and in that same orphanage she grew up in today, March 21, 2013. I believe God, from the beginning, had created a path for me to live and this was the first step in starting that path… the path to a new and better life. God is constantly watching me and guiding me in the right direction. My life today is a perfectly put together puzzle, each piece fitting exactly where it should. Who knows where I’ll end up twenty years from now. All I know is that God gave me the chance to create this new puzzle, and expand it every day that I live.

I realize this doesn’t fully answer the question, “When did God give me a second chance to do something right?,” but, I feel like this story is just as special. God gave me a second chance, period. Sometimes people get second chances, and I was fortunate enough to receive one. I wanted to share my story of how he gave me a second chance.


Written By: Molly Herman-Gallow

16 years Old

Sophomore at Georgia Connections Academy


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