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Does Metro Atlanta need a Center for Congregations?

The goal of such a Center would be to strengthen regional congregations by helping them address opportunities and challenges the congregations have themselves identified.  Today those are complex.

 According to the indianapolis Center for Congregations president, Rev. Timothy Shapiro, a "congregation's ability to develop new skills and ways of thinking in order to meet their ever growing demands if the primary indicator of a congregation's health."


What would a Center for Congregations do?


  • It would be designed to address the needs of congregations in the Atlanta metro community.
  • It would help congregations assess needs that the congregations themselves identify.
  • It would then help congregations address those needs by finding and using the best available resources -- books, videos, websites, community agencies, consulting services, etc.
  • It would conduct education events -- workshops and conferences-- with experts in various fields.
  • And it would facilitate networking to help congregations learn with and from one another.

The Center would not charge for most services and it would not supplant existing services to congregations. On the contrary, the Center's goal would be to optimize congregations' awareness of and access to existing services. The Center would work closely with congregations, denominational bodies, and other faith-related organizations.


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Read about the first center of this kind at Indianapolis Center for Congregations


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